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Put your skills to the test and solve thirty-two Wordles at once! You have 37 guesses to solve all 32 words. A new Sectordle available each day to solve.

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What is 32 Wordle?

32 Wordle is a more challenging kind of Wordle for real word puzzle lovers. Now, instead of guessing just one word, your task is to find 32 words using 37 guesses. There will be 32 boards on your screen, but you can only focus on typing one word at a time. By solving boards block by block and using colored clues, you must find as many correct words as possible. Play 32 Wordle and share your best scores online!

How to play 32 Wordle

Thirty-two Wordles at same time. Start writing the word by typing any random letter. Use the on-screen keyboard at the bottom of the grid. The letter will be displayed for four words at the same time.
When 5 letters have been typed, press the “Enter” button. Keep filling the board with words. If you guess all the words on the board, the board will be locked, and you can continue to guess the words on the next one.
Color hints will show you how close you are to the correct guess. If you see green tiles, then you find the letters correctly and put them in the right place. Yellow tiles signify that the letters are chosen correctly but placed in the wrong spots. Gray tiles mean that these letters do not occur anywhere in the word.
Scroll down to see all 32 blocks. You have 37 attempts to guess as many words as possible.
When all boards are solved, you can share your results online.

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